Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekend Recap: Bridal Shower

We had a pretty eventful past weekend, filled with showers, birthdays and BBQ's, but the one I wanted to blog about today was my girlfriend Sylva's bridal shower. The shower was held at her maid of honors house, which also happens to be her future sister-in-law. With the help of her sisters, sister to be, and close friends they did such an amazing job. Everything was so well thought out and detailed. I've attached pictures below for all you bride to be's and everyone who enjoys these kind of events to take a look and even pull some ideas for your own. Sylv, good job, everything was beautiful, especially you! I can't wait until the big day! (im talking about cabo ;o) haha xoxo!

Seating cards were placed on a bed of beautiful pink carnations. Next to the seating arrangements was a small little box where guests dropped off a "recipe" for the future bride. The blank cards were included in her invitations. Genius!
The delicious dessert table!! Theme was white chocolate and they even had white chocolate popcorn, who does that!? YUM

each table had its own unique flower arrangement, but the overall theme was fuschia and green. Very happy combination!

I love when attention is turned to little details, like this super cute Heart shaped sugar cube! AND these personalized game pencils that read "Sylva's Bridal SHower"

The gorgeous bride showered in her gifts!
Our fab table!

In our tradition, as the bride opens all her gifts, the ribbons and decorations on the boxes are not to be thrown away. Instead, they are collected and someone makes a hat out of all the excess ribbons and decorations and the bride is said to wear it on her rehearsal day. Our bride was lucky enough to get her own Avatar tail!....
...there it is!


  1. LOL! Laura, you are hilarious! Congrats again Sylva! Everything was gorgeous!!

  2. Lolll I never noticed that the pencils were personalized!!! =/ You do pay attention to details!! Everything looks awesomee Sylva's my hero <3

  3. Everything was amazing Sylva! But I have to say that one of my highlights was definitely the Avatar tail!! :-)

  4. Awesome post Laura! Glad to know everyone enjoyed their time! ps. I also can't wait for the big day ;) here we come cabo!

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