Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jimmy Choo for Uggs:

I love when high end fashion designer's collaborate with other brands adding their signature touch to a product. I just saw an ad in a magazine of Jimmy Choo for Uggs and they were fab! I am all about comfort when I dress up, especially during winter time. I hardly ever wear anything besides my Uggs on cold days, but who said comfort couldn't be fabulous?! I am just not sure if I would spend close to $600 on shoes I plan on throwing on every single day, who are bound to get torn up eventually. But, hey, if you can... why not, go for it! Check out some of these designs. They are all Limited Edition and availability is limited. They seem to be going quick, so if you plan on getting a pair (or 2) act fast!
UGG® Australia & Jimmy Choo 'Sora' Boot (Limited Edition)
UGG® Australia & Jimmy Choo 'Kaia' Boot (Limited Edition)

 UGG® Australia & Jimmy Choo 'Starlit' Fringe Boot (Limited Edition)

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