Thursday, October 21, 2010


Today was our first day in NY out and about and I must say I feel like we've already been here for a week! We were able to check out lots of rentals for my sis and I gotta be honest, it's a lot harder than we thought. NY is so expensive and the spaces are so small, its very hard to make such a commitment. But, it must be done, so hopefully we will be able to find something in the next few days.

The apartment we are staying in. SO cute! I want to own this place!
Empire State of Mind...Rooftop of one of the buildings we visited
cute little flower shop
sissy and Huni at the coffee shop discussing "business"

street flowers, love it! 
that's us, all over times square, haha!!

...and last but certainly not least!
Artichoke Pizza in NYC is THE most amazing pizza joint evvvver!
Their spinach and artichoke pizza is seriously one of the most delicious dishes I have had in my life!
They just opened up their second location in Chelsea, its much bigger and it's a sit down restaurant with the slicery in the corner. YUMMERS!

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