Monday, November 15, 2010

Counting to 10:

Few days ago I totally had a moment where I really had to recite "Keep Calm and Carry On" to keep my sanity. We all have those days where things are just not going our way and whatever we do we just cant seem to cheer up. I have had to train myself to keep my cool when I start to feel a but discouraged and down, because there is no point in dwelling and dragging any negative feelings forever. So after a little while of feeling just BLAH, I start reciting "Keep Calm and Carry On" in my head along with counting to 10! Counting always helps, lol...its actually very calming! Here are a few sentiments that could help all of us cheer up, laugh a bit and even find humor during the times when were feeling.. well...shitty!

One of a Kind Mousepad 
love this one..its true, we all are! 
Got Away Mousepad 

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