Thursday, November 11, 2010

Winter Scarves:

Today is typical LA weather-CONFUSING! You look outside and the sun is shinning so bright, but the second you walk outside you are blown away with some very speedy wind! You sit under the sun and you start sweating, but the second you're under some shade, your looking for the closest heater! I woke up this morning and threw on my sweats, sweater, knee-high socks and a scarf and im still cold! I think im going to move on to some gloves after this. I know if you don't live in LA, you're probably rolling your eyes and saying "these californians are seriously crazy, they should see what cold weather is really like!" Well, out here we are used to super hot weather and rarely any cold. So, when the cold hits, our bodies aren't trained to be immune to any cold weather, so we react as some might say "overreact."
Anyhow, so because of today's windy weather, I was inspired to blog about some chic winter scarves..
  Paula Bianco Infinity Scarf in Olive 
super cute Paula Bianco infinity scarf
 Love Quotes Rayon/Poly Blend Wrap/Scarf with 4
Girls' neon cashmere blend scarf 
loving this soft and feminine hue of pink
 Saint James® Adam scarf 
stripes never do me wrong!
 Love Quotes Linen Eyelash Unisex Scarf

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