Monday, December 20, 2010

Lost in Brooklyn:

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. I sure had an interesting one. New York has been absolutely amazing so far, and I feel like its only going to get better.
Yesterday, I decided to just get out and enjoy the city and do whatever comes along my way that seems interesting. I stepped out to grab a bagel at Murray's which was delic! (they don't toast) it kept me full for the entire day.

While I was having my bagel on the community bar, I noticed a flyer for a Holiday Bazaar in Brooklyn. Of course, curious me, I HAD to go as soon as I read it was the last day and that it was a pop up market, just for the holidays filled with up and coming designers. I wrote down the address stated on the flyer and asked my way around to the nearest subway. I had absolutely no idea where I was going, what direction or how far. So, I asked a man next to me where I needed to go- gave him the exact info I wrote them from the flyer. He told me I had to go to Bay Bridge and 70th and & 7th would be just 2 blocks away from that. I listened, figured he would know much better than me (never been to Brooklyn) I hoped on the train and after an hour and a half of a trip found out I am in the WRONG side of Brooklyn. Turns out, Avenues, Streets, North, South, etc are very important when asking or giving directions in NYC! I had omitted I needed to get to north 7th street so the man helping me originally sent me the complete opposite way. The guy at the station was a complete A-hole so I had to head back to square one (Union Square) and start over. But, while waiting for the train I met this super nice girl named Victoria, she pulled out a map (what I should have done originally) and explained where I needed to go, she was so helpful!
After a confusing morning to Brooklyn, I finally made it around 3pm to Artist and Fleas. It was definitely worth the 3 hour trip for sure. I got to enjoy Brooklyn, which I loved- its kind of like an ast coast version of Abbot Kinney in Venice California. Here are some snapshots from my day...
70th and north 7th ave, between Kent and Wythe, 2 blocks from Bedford
Thief & Bandit
these were very cool pieces. All the jewelry and garments are handprinted/handmade in Richmond, VA. The necklaces and bracelets you see are all handmade with pieces of clothing. Super cute pieces.

Dirty Bandits-lettering and illustration
ok, i loveeed all the illustrations by Annica Lyndenberg (photo above). So clever and genius! The humor on these illustrations are just great... i couldn't help but get a couple just for the heck of it! You guys have to definitely check out her work..
Anastasia Andino-headwear designer
very unique handmade headwear by Anastasia. Make sure to check out the rest of her collection 

After Artist and Fleas I wondered around the streets of Brooklyn and found alot more to love!

great little store on 6th avenue A&G Merch...had unique gift and home items as well as some vintage jewelry.
The Future Perfect.
another great home store. loved all of their collections. Very unique and clever designs.

...and I ended my day, right where I started- Union Square and their holiday fair =)

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