Monday, December 20, 2010

Movie Review-Black Swan & The Fighter:

I was able to squeeze in 2 movies in the last few days- movies make me happy! The simple things in life...
First movie was Black not sure about these nominations for Mila Kunis and all the talk about her being so great, but the movie in general is something I'd recommend you go see. Natalie Portman did a great job portraying this overly obsessed and perfect ballerina.. Not going to give too much info, but the movie is about a girls passion (towards ballet) and dedication to getting that one thing she has been dying (literally) to get. Its a wicked and dark movie.

The second movie is The Fighter. Wow oh wow. Christian Bale was absolutely AH-mazing in this film. The movie is about these two half brothers- Dicky Eklund and Mikey Ward. Dicky (Bale) is a crack addict who is trying to make a "comeback" as a fighter and Micky (Wahlberg) who is trying to make something of himself in the boxing world is usually overpowered by his brothers troubled ways. Christian Bale has absolutely transformed himself into the character and you find yourself feeling his pain and experience as a crack addict. Even if you aren't into a more "masculine" movie, I suggest seeing this just to experience his work in the movie. OSCAR winner for sure. Will totally be shocked if he doesn't win!

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  1. I have wondered about the Black Swan - not a fan of "dark" films, but the commercials are so intriguing! The Fighter is on my list - didn't know Amy Adams was in it!


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