Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Proposing at The Rockefeller:

Last night, after we devoured some amazingly, magically, delicious spinach and artichoke pizza we decided what better way to burn the 20,000 (exaggeration) calories, than by walking. After we dropped off our friends at Penn Station, we headed towards Rockefeller Center to see the infamous tree and window displays on 5th Ave. After snapping away tons of pix, all of a sudden the crowd began to cheer and clap...we looked down at the empty ice skating rink to see a man down on his knees proposing to his girlfriend! It was so amazing. I can't believe we were there to catch that moment and that I happened to be snapping my own pix as it was happening. IT was such a beautiful thing to see- with the Christmas music playing in the background...

Rockefeller Center baby!

snapshots of St Patrick's Cathedral...can you tell, I'm obsessed with my new camera?!
I cant stop.
Artichoke Pizza
Chelsea location, 10th ave and 7th


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