Thursday, January 27, 2011

Black n' Yellow :

Ok, not gonna sit and pretend I am or I've ever been a huge fan of football, but it's always fun watching competitive sports with a group of people, yelling, screaming and eating a bunch of junk. Besides, I've been craving chicken wings and beer like crazy lately, ill use game day as an excuse to chow down!
My team of choice this year is going to be the Steelers, for the mere reason that I think their name is just cool + their jersey colors are pretty sweet...all about the black and mustardy yellow/gold these days. I'll have to pick my favorite player on game day!
In honor of the Steelers, I wanted to post some black and gold inspired photos for your viewing pleasure. GO STEELERS!
Jr. Pittsburgh Steelers t-shirt by Junk Food 
ladies, get your Steelers t-shirts in time for the big game!
thanks for the link Sar!

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