Sunday, January 2, 2011


I'm not too big on new years resolutions, but thought it might be interesting to set some just to "challenge" myself and keep things in perspective...I tried to stay as realistic as I could!

1- Yoga, once a day, every day during the week- aiming to lean out this body and cleanse my mind! Namaste!

2- Stand up straight, no slouching!

3- Surround myself with positivity... positive energy and positive people. Liars, fakers, posers, rude, mean, toxic people-you're out!

4- Be more patient (very tough one)...count to 10 as often as I need to.

5- Value myself and know my self worth!

6- Be cautious and smart with the way I spend my time and with who I choose to do so. 

7- Stay off the Blackberry when I am with people as best I can (close to impossible, but hey, im trying!)

8- Focus on the moment... will never get those times back.

9- Forgive, forget and move on

10- Laugh more

11-Be nicer to bigi (my sister's dog)...this one will be super easy, given the fact that he's moved out =)

12- Spend as much time as I can with my little loves Niko and Melina and be the best auntie to them! Give them all the things their parents wont! 

13- Work hard, never give up...I WILL get there!

14- Spend more time with my girls................ in Vegas =)))

15-  Eat more fruit, because apparently "its good for your skin"- this ones for you madre!

16- Make sure I show my appreciation and gratitude for those I love and care for.

17- Enjoy the little things


  1. I love it!!! Can I steal some of your resolutions???? :-)

  2. Perfect list. Hope your 2011 is full of little surprises.

  3. #5 is outstanding! Can I do yoga with you, please?

  4. Are you sure about forgiving and forgetting?


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