Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Special Delivery:

Its been a few months since my sister shipped herself off to New York for culinary school and ever since I got back from visiting her over Christmas, I've wanted to go right back. She is there to excel in her pastry and baking skills so she can come back and help us all gain 20lbs from her delicious creations-hurry, our belly's are waiting!
Just the other day I was complaining to my friend about how unfair and not nice she is for not sending us anything up till now so we can try and enjoy...sure enough, her boyfriend, who just got back from visiting her, gives me a call last night to see if he could come by to drop something off. Well, did he drop something off all right! To my surprise, my sister had froze a bunch of yummies that she had hand made herself and sent us a bag full of them! We got danishes, olive bread, wheat bread-that was my fav Tal, cookies, chocolate croissants, and tons more! Of course, my mom had to bust out with the cheese and serve us on the spot-late night cravings! It was so good and we were both so pleasantly surprised. Miss you sissy, thanks for the delicious goodies!


  1. It all looks soooo yummy!!!!!!

  2. I love this! Talia please bring more stuff home!!

  3. I promise I'm bringing some goodies home!!


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