Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Annnnnd I'm back! I apologize for my absence in the blog world for the last month, but it's been a super crazy month, filled with lots of great happenings on my end. Glad to be back though.

My friend called me the other day asking for some good restaurant referrals and after naming a few, she suggested this is something I should definitely blog about... I totally agree =). And so that's how today's blog came about...
First up.. 
Sam Nazarian's restaurant at SBE's new Redbury Hotel, 'Cleo'
I highly recommend this restaurant! Its located on Vine in Hollywood. Very cool vibe...great decor, great atmosphere and the middle eastern tapas menu adds to the overall eclectic feel to this restaurant. Make sure to order the Brussel Sprouts (completely  fried-but, whatever!) and the Moussakah-delic!! It comes in a super cute miniature pyrex. We ordered some coffee at the end which was served in traditional/OG coffee cups... Presentation was pretty authentic, which I loved! And the bread!__Heavenly!

I will be posting another new dinner spot-which has only been open about a month, tomorrow!


  1. I've been, small portions. The drinks at the bar were good!

  2. I enjoyed the tapas style...Library bar upstairs was pretty cool too.
    Lets go again with all the girls!


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