Monday, May 9, 2011

A Very Special Bridal Shower:

Happy Monday everyone! I had such an eventful and great weekend! We celebrated birthdays, bridal showers and Mother's day, it was fab!
Saturday was one of my closest friends bridal shower, which we have all been waiting for impatiently for months. And now its done and over with =(...up next-bachelorette party!! They did such a perfect job with everything from the 10'ft long buffet table-all handmade food by her aunts and family members, to the adorable centerpieces. I cannot wait till the big day to watch my beautiful friend walk down that aisle...its going to be surreal and a heck of a party!

This was the place card table. I loved this floral arrangement, so unique and the colors are amaze! They had that delicate fabric draping down the back wall-thought the fabric would be perfect for a wedding gown!
Each table had a slightly different arrangement, but since the colors and style were the same everything blended n perfectly! Loved the flirty Moroccan vases

The bride-to-be's grandmother sewed all these tiny little gowns for each table and we had to decorate it for the bride to pick the winner! a cute new twist on the toilet paper game.

The party favors were body wash and body lotion, created by the beautiful and very talented bride-to-be. It smells soo good and even has a bit of shimmer to glam up your day-time moisturizing routine.

How cute does she look?! Love the back of this dress, so sexy with that drop necklace.
Our stylish bride!
Bridal crew baby!!...I'm surprised we all fit in one pic!


  1. I got goosebumps reading this! Beautiful Bride! Wonderful party! Can't wait for the upcoming events :)

  2. LOL Hahaha!!! Thanks Laura!!! You are too cute!!
    Thank you to all the girls for making it so amazing and for all your help! You girls made the day so perfect! Couldn't have asked for anything more!
    Miami in 16 days.....


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