Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Monday!:

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Weather was gorgeous in LA, hope it was just as pleasant where you're reading this blog from!

As always, when summer comes around, so does all the fun wedding festivities. Last Saturday and this past Sunday, I went to two beautiful bridal showers. My girlfriend Lori's was Tea Party themed, all about the girly pinks, purples and feminine decor. Everything looked so beautiful, especially the bride to be! The cake was so adorable. She clipped it from a magazine and had a local bakery do it for her, and they did an amazing job. If you're local and what the info, please send me an email.
One of her games was to team up and decorate these mini cakes from scratch. Was definitely a hit, it got everyone involved, even those who didn't decorate the cake.

My girlfriend Eileen's, was very soft and elegant, overlooking the mountains and impeccably groomed golf course! She looked absolutely gorgeous in her white, body hugging off the shoulder dress. Will be posting pix from her shower later this week!

I'm honored to be in both weddings and cannot wait for the main event! Congrats ladies, cheers to the big day!

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  1. Thank you so much!!! Im very happy and excited to have you by my side through it all!!!! :-)


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