Friday, July 13, 2012

SDS on The Today Show:

I am so excited to announce that Shop Design Spark was featured on Jill Martin's Fashion Emergency this morning on the Today Show! The segment will air again 10:30am pacific.

If you weren't able to catch either one, you can watch it HERE.

It is such a huge honor to be featured on such a credited and inspiring show. Huge thanks to Jill Martin for loving our pieces and of course, Hoda and Cathy and the amazing Today Show.

Jewelry and accessories are fun and exciting things, its not fun to have to love something and not be able to have it because you cant/dont want to spend a crazy amount. The main goal from the start has been to offer fun, trendy, sparkly, "I have to have that!" pieces at price points suitable for any budget. So it is definitely an amazing feeling to see that is being recognized.

Thank you all for the support and let the shopping begin!!

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