Friday, October 26, 2012

Starburst Love:

If you are in the home decor or interior design field or simply have a passion for interior design, I'm sure you've come across the 'Starburst' quite often. I feel like this design began as a trend, but slowly, yet confidently moved its way into the 'Classic' category pretty swiftly. It's such a simple, yet decorative design. I personally loveee the starburst in any shape, finish and form and think it adds such elegance to any interior or exterior..

Today I'm wearing one of my favorite earrings from our line, the Starburst Earrings. Love how decorative they are and so light weight, don't even feel they're on! Coincidentlly I happen to have a fabulous starburst mirror in my office ;)

psssttt..these babies will be featured in the December issue of Glamour magazine (on newsstands early November)...just saying! 

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