Friday, October 19, 2012

Zara Man:

The BF has been on a shopping kick lately and I cant explain how much I absolutely hate it! I mean I cant handle it anymore and I don't know how to tell him.

.....YA. RIGHT!

Before he even gets to finish his sentence, the fashion freak inside me is going insane with excitement... of course, I play it cool and say sure babe, whenever you want, you just let me know. When what I really mean is, "hell yes... i love hearing that sentence come out of your mouth, please take me with you !!"

I have absolutely no idea why, but men's shopping gets be so much more excited than women's shopping.
Would have loved to be a men's stylist... never too late though... any of you gentlemen need help, holla!

Zara being one of my personal fav stores, it's exciting to know they are equally as fashion forward with their men's collection as they are with their women's. AND their price points are great as well. Only thing with Zara is their sizes run a bit small, so you usually have to go one size up.

Here's a quick round up of a few of my choices from this season.

this jacket is so hottie in person... It can be worn cas or even over a nice button-down for a nice dinner.
The combination between the navy and brown leather is so chic.
Quilted Jacket

This jacket is great for a casual cool look. i love when guys double up jackets over sweater hoodies.
effortless cool.
Bomber Jacket, $129.00

Ok, I know this color is very specific and its not for everyone...but if you look good in greens, this color is gorgeous. Pair it with a pair of dark denim jeans and basic tee, your good to go
Circular Knit Suit Blazer, $89.90

This black blazer is much more universal and easy to work with. A basic black blazer should be a staple peice in every mans closet.
Blazer Jacket,$89.90

Ok, not a fan of how this shirt is modeled because it looks so much nicer in person... it actually has a very nice tailored cut.
Button-Down Collar Shirt, $59.90

Sexy sweater with side zips...details!
Sweat with Side Zips, $59.90

Another staple.. basic black tee, just $9.90!
Basic Black Tee

love me some stripes...Would totally steal this from his wardrobe!
Striped Sweater, $59.90

Color of this shirt is so striking on.. I know, my bf got it :)
Indigo Tshirt, $39.90

Perfect for fall..Leather Ankle Boots, $99.90

Urban Sneakers, $79.90

Brown Belt, $35.90

And while you're out shopping for yourself, dont forget to pick up some goodies for your woman!!

Definitely pick one up for myself...this would be SO cute with some high knee boots!
Cable Knit Sweater, $49.90

Still not sure if Peplum's for me... but I love lace and I love the peplum trend. Such a  feminine and elegant combo.
Lace Peplum, $79.90

Faux Leather Jeggings, $79.90

Vamp Shoe with Black Heel,, $79.90

Oh, and don't forget to top it off with a fabulous bauble from Shop Design Spark ;)

Crystal Bib Necklace, $38

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